Thursday, October 20, 2005

9 down - 39 to go

Bush's lame duckism continues to amaze. The best line I've read recently was in today's WSJ in an article concerning Bush's failure at "reforming" Social Security from a GOP Senator - what would it take to restart the Social Security reform effort? "Get our troops out of Iraq and rebuild New Orleans".

What's funny though, is the real 1-2 punch that put Bush down were Hurricane Katrina and his nomination of Miers - certainly items that could never have been predicted when he took office. Personally no strong feelings about Miers, but the conservatives have some fantasy that if they just get one more Supreme Court nominee, then somehow....Roe v. Wade would go away? That Brown v. Board of Education would be repealed? I'm really not sure what conservatives expect beyond some vague belief that all might be right with the world. Still not sure how much of that belief is just GOP manipulation of their core supporters; but you'd think after having the presidency for 7 of the last 10 terms, they'd know that the judiciary just can't go that much farther right. 7 of 9 Supremes are GOP nominees. Read that 2/3 of appellate judges are GOP nominees, so I'm gobsmacked when reading that the left is afraid of losing control of the judicial branch. Sorry guys, but that "control" was & is just a fiction.

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