Sunday, April 11, 2010

What do I do with a computer

With the launch of the iPad and my sometimes usage of the ginger haired yank's iPod Touch, I started thinking through what my actual usage is outside of work.

  1. Internet usage: primarily Email & reading blogs
  2. Download music & transfer to iPod
  3. Upload photos & transfer to memory stick for work
  4. Misc.

The Touch i use mainly for games, but this weekend, did use to look up nearby bowling alleys. Neat to be able to perform a search without the annoyance of booting up PC.....waiting.....launching web browser...waiting...putting in search term. By contrast, it took a few seconds to type in bowling alleys - zip code into Google (iTouch default).

My #1 complaint with the Touch is its lack of 3G capability, so all connectivity is Wi-Fi which is a hassle outside of the house, so functionality is very limited once I leave home (at work, i linked to the Wi-Fi, but twice now have been booted off so how many times do i really want to re-connect?). #2 is the lack of a stylus - fingers too often end up in the wrong place which has cost me too many games of connect four. #3 is screen size - in battleship i have to keep shrinking & enlarging and frequently have to change cells (can do that before i hit fire, so don't lose games because of it, but still can be very annoying sometimes when it takes 4-5 tries to hit the correct square in the grid.

#1 complaint with phone is text messages are a hassle to type with usual 1-9 keyboard. #2 is Vcast is such a hassle that it's never worth the trouble - very very poorly designed UI. #1 characteristic i like vs. SmartPhone is size - pretty easy to put into pocket.

My Palm is getting quite old now - no backlight (#1 gripe) and the power management has some issues (performance sometimes turns molasses slow) so someday i will have to upgrade, but to what? I really like the Palm's to-do list better than the default App on the Touch, but is that still true with a current Palm.

Ok, guess that sums up gripes/likes with the various devices. Guess will take a look at the iPad (I have noticed that only some books are good on so dubious that i'd ever give up printed books) and the two Palm phones (1 looked blackberry style & 1 looked iPhone style), but any commenters are welcome to chime in with their advice.

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