Wednesday, June 20, 2007

30 down - 18 to go

Even with a Democratic majority in alignment with Bush's immigration, he still couldn't get it to come to a vote in the Senate because his own party was largely opposed to the bill. Have read some mumblings that the bill will return and then silence. Perhaps like Lazarus, it will return from the grave, but it shows how feeble Bush's position is that his own party blocked his last possible legislative priority from even coming to a vote.

For trade & deficit, those issues are closed. Doha is dead, but the deficit will come down to roughly half of its highest level.

Of course Iraq will define Bush's legacy. Part of America's character is that "never say die" attitude, which can be a strength, but in Vietnam and now in Iraq a weakness as America will throw good lives after lost ones.

justoneminute truly summed up the overall attitude of the american public

"Bush has created a disaster and I have no confidence in his judgment as to a solution, but I am not exactly sold on cut-and-run, either."

Given that the Senate approved $100B that's enough to finance the war for another 10 months, which gives Bush funding sometime into early 2008. At that point, enough of the populace should be opposed to the war - pro-war Dale Franks from qando has stated

"I think that if it doesn't look like some sort of success by the end of the year, I'll probably come over to the withdrawal side, too. We're trying to salvage four years of political and military incompetence here, and I think it's our last shot."

- that the Senate can finally either cut funding or put in sufficient restriction to force a draw down. I don't know what anyone can expect by September or even the end of the year - Iraq will still be a bloody morass regardless of how long we stay.

I was a bit inspired by the questions from qando to we cut-and-runners to propose a few replies with a help from a friend.

Final note - my wager against Hillary looks like a loser. She's too smart & seasoned compared to Edwards & Obama, even if her stand on Iraq is "I want Bush to end it so I don't have to."

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