Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Night Wine Blogging

IronStone Cabernet Franc 2002

avocado & spinach salad

desert was the last of the banana bread from the Birthday edition of wine blogging - still quite tasty!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

26 down - 22 to go

What's surprised me the most is how completely Bush has lost hold of the narrative. The past month has been comprised of attorney firings, Walter Reed scandal, and Libby's conviction - Bush is completely on the defensive, and the Reed scandal goes straight against the "we support our troops" mantra. Libby's conviction i can understand (prevarications leading us into war) and even Walter Reed (BushCo not too concerned about the actual running of government), but of all the scandals the attorneys surprises me the most as it alienates Bush's own party, and could have been so easily avoided. The purging could have been handled so simply by coming up with personal reasons - the fired attorneys all had body odor - instead of foolishly pissing off a bunch of GOP attorneys (what sense does that make?).

Before the 2006 election, i listened to one of the Blue Dogs voted out by DeLay's gerrymandering stating there was some common ground between Bush and the Dems - can only remember immigration but there was at least 1 other issue. Have seen no common ground since the Dems took power - no inkling that anything will be accomplished during the next 22 months.

For the metrics and wagers, the one most worth mentioning is still Iraq. Despite the Dems symbolic votes, they still don't have the clout or consensus to pull out US troops while Bush is in office, so I expect that we'll still have over 100,000 troops in Iraq when Bush finally leaves office.

As far as my Hillary vs. anybody wager, I can really only see Barack as her challenger. Edwards was always a bit of a lightweight & shot himself in the foot by hiring Amanda & Melissa (Hillary has proven herself to be far shrewder with her hiring of Peter Daou who is acceptable to mainstream America). Given that Barack still is new to the scene, I'd have to give odds against me not losing the Hillary wager.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday Night Wine Blogging - Chateau Sainte Michelle edition

Chateau Sainte Michelle Riesling, 2004

Roasted Beets & Spinach salad with goat cheese and nasturtium leaves

"Chickn" Masala with sticky rice
Lemony italian green beans with shallots
King Cake with praline ice cream

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