Sunday, December 19, 2010

Evaluation metrics from a previous post

Seems to be a standard parlor game, so here was my criteria for next president:

  1. cut deficit in ½ as measured by % of GDP. Must be for last year in office or 2 consecutive years is top of list.
  2. closing Gitmo.
  3. over riding Bush's executive order sealing past presidential papers.
  4. ending DADT.
  5. rescinding Bush's Cuba restrictions.
  6. enacting some sensible policy for medical marijuana.
  7. sensible withdrawal from Iraq.
Obvious no's are: 1, 2, 6. If we do eventually bankrupt our nation or end up like Japan then both Bush & Obama will go down in history as failed presidents.
Obvious yes as of yesterday is 4. Overall satisfied with 7.
Believe that 3 & 5 are complete - haven't looked up #3.

Biggest disappointment is continuation of too much of Bush's civil liberties policies (right to assassinate an american on executive authority only, state's secrets, stating that even if someone is acquitted it won't make a difference). Afghanistan is probably #2.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A good day for America

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