Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trip to china impressions

work sent me on a very anti-climactic trip to china, so did not get to see any of the famous sites - will have to go back for them - instead experienced outsourcing and mall ratting china style.

We (co-worker & I) went searching for some nasal spray - was just not to be found, but did stumble across a UCLA store. Wasn't sure if it was legit or just another faux Apple store (they do name it iPhone to avoid a strict violation). Turns out it was real - had no idea especially since very little of the clothing had Bruin logos.

their Starbucks are actually more expensive than ours and do not accept the gold Starbucks cards "USA only" was the manager's comment.

Otherwise, my dominant impression was the 50 minute ride to go 20-25 kilometers.

Fortunately we could take ferry from Shenzhen to Hong Kong airport - you do not have to cross customs so never actually (legally?) enter Hong Kong as the ferry drops you off right at the airport (the only US airport that i know of with ferry service is laguardia and that's just on weekdays....just ran a google search and it appears that ferry is defunct, so do not know any ferry to airport services in the US).

Hong Kong - truly world class airport, though it seemed that sports bars were on the other side of security & did not feel like passing through twice. easily found nasal spray - a real savings for the descent - at a store there. Guess no one on the mainland gets clogged nasal passages.

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