Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Night Dinner Blogging - 2009

Not sure why, but have largely lost my taste for cooking. at one time i did have 2 stock recipes from laurel's kitchen (spinach lasagna & some soup - cauliflower?), but haven't made them in years. after i purchased 365 ways to cook pasta i did my best to try most of the vegetarian recipes - once again haven't made them in some years. now i only cook 1 meal a year.

Some lost friends gave me the Green's cookbook for my birthday 1990 and i've been intimidated from making the 4 page, 3-4 part vegetarian Shepard's Pie for the past 19 years and with good reason. It took the better part of 2 saturdays (cooked the stock the weekend before thankfully) to make the dish. If i were ever to attempt it again, some modifications are in order - no celery root, parsnips are unnecessary and will continue to add veggie ground round as the original recipe isn't very high in protein.

Was it worth it? Only to say that i finally made it after all these years, but comparing benefit to effort it clearly wasn't worth the energy. Left me with almost nothing for salad & desert and that's a high price to pay.

Open to suggestions for the next meal that I plan to cook some 11 months from now.

while cooking the parsnips

coming out of oven

on the plate
wine & desert

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