Saturday, September 22, 2007

32 down - 16 to go

political time seems to dilate now. how the endgame of the Bush presidency will play out is pretty obvious now, so there's a sense of "can we push the fast forward button" to get to the next election.

as expected, Petreus stated we have made progress but there are difficulties ahead, and as expected the GOP stood behind Bush and as expected, the Dems will not end funding. little doubt that i'll easily win my wager that we'll have 50k troops (heck, it will be closer to 100k) when Bush leaves office.

The fiscal year will be over soon - today's NYT had the projected deficit as $170B, which sounds lower than other numbers that i've read, but sometime in November an official number will be released & it will be roughly 50% of the peak of $413B.

I read one blogger state that all the major candidates in both parties are basically continuing Bush's policy. I can agree that we'll have tens of thousands of troops by the end of 2009, but i would expect the US to keep >100k troops with a GOP president & ~50,000 troops with a Dem president. Not what I would hope for, but still a noticeable difference.

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