Monday, November 26, 2007

34 down - 14 to go

Well first prediction came true - Mukasey was approved.

The FY2007 deficit should be official soon & should be below $200B.

Time to start predictions & metrics for next president. I'll view the next president as a success if the president:

  1. Shuts down Gitmo.
  2. Cuts troop strength in Iraq to below 50,000
  3. Legalizes Medical Marijuana.
  4. Ends "Don't Ask. Don't Tell."
  5. Repeals Executive Order 13233

If a Dem is elected, i have high hopes for 4, 5. Medium hope for 1. As far as Iraq, i'd prefer us to leave just a token force, but have no hopes for any candidate to remove much more than ½ of our troops in the next term, so setting the bar lower than it should be.

Time to query others for their standards.

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