Monday, November 26, 2007

34 down - 14 to go

Well first prediction came true - Mukasey was approved.

The FY2007 deficit should be official soon & should be below $200B.

Time to start predictions & metrics for next president. I'll view the next president as a success if the president:

  1. Shuts down Gitmo.
  2. Cuts troop strength in Iraq to below 50,000
  3. Legalizes Medical Marijuana.
  4. Ends "Don't Ask. Don't Tell."
  5. Repeals Executive Order 13233

If a Dem is elected, i have high hopes for 4, 5. Medium hope for 1. As far as Iraq, i'd prefer us to leave just a token force, but have no hopes for any candidate to remove much more than ½ of our troops in the next term, so setting the bar lower than it should be.

Time to query others for their standards.

A low bar? Four years in office as the leader of the free world, and this person repeals medical marijuana and don't ask/don't tell? Wow, it makes me want to rush to the polls!
For Hillary, I'll limit myself to just one requirement: Accomplish something substantive with regards to health care. You don't have to fix the system entirely, but don't screw up your chance like you did last time. Not many are offered a "do-over", so don't blow it.
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