Saturday, August 30, 2008

friday night wine blogging - double edition

previous friday - pasta al fredo which...

just cannot compete with broiled tofu and peanut sauce

Friday, August 29, 2008

43 down - 5 to go

Bush is the lamest duck that I recall from any president I've followed since coming of age. As a positive that means the fears of his attacking Iran are groundless....actually as a positive it means no additional damage from his administration.

Perhaps part of the reason is his actual desire to help McCain by staying out of site as much as possible to try blunting some of the "third term" - a bit surprising that he is trying to help, but perhaps this is his effort at salvaging his GOP legacy. Otherwise he has helped damage the GOP considerably - Profligate spending, nanny state initiatives, Great Society Expansion...the list would go on too long, but at the least his policies have been a huge opportunity cost to our nation.

So will the next president be better? OK that's too easy a question.

Economics: McCain favors tax cuts and only wants to cut earmarks (while obscene only amount to 1-2% of the budget). Obama wants some minor tax increases and some moderate spending increases. Probably the one tax issue I agree with the GOP is corporate tax rates - too many companies make stupid decisions based on looking only at tax rates (would name mine, but....). For the estate tax, i'd be willing to support something reasonable - $10M exemption with indexing & then 33% tax rate. Current law was too stupid by half - even conservatives have to be disappointed with the gimmicky 1 year repeal instead of some politically acceptable compromise - a true opportunity lost by Bush.

War with ______: Have to say that there really isn't a good name. None of the common terms - war on terror or war on islamofascists or war with fundamentalists or war in the Koran-zone really conveys the struggle. Beyond that quibble, Obama will start withdrawing our troops quicker from Iraq. Neither will cut off aid to Israel or Egypt. Both will likely close Gitmo. Probably some very minor rollback of privacy intrusions. Less apparent use of torture.

Addiction to oil: Obama will be better on support for alternative energy.

Trade: Probably give the nod to McCain - not that he's an ardent supporter, but he hasn't made anti-NAFTA comments either.

Lagniappe: Obama will reverse Bush's cuba visit restrictions, perhaps overturn DADT, but not DOMA. Marginally better on teh drug war.

On the campaign itself: Obama or his strategist has been very very shrewd about their electoral path. Against Clinton, they out organized her to obtain enough caucus delegates to negate her name brand/image of inevitability. Now he seems to have fixed on winning the 21 Gore/Kerry states and then just pick up 1 or more others. Looks like it will work as I feel pretty confident he will take the 21 states which leaves McCain with the challenge of drawing to an inside straight - possible as the Dems showed in winning the Senate, but low probability.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thursday night wine blogging

very fine roasted tofu with ginger cherry dijon sauce
short'nin' bread, strawberries & whipped cream

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

friday night wine & meal blogging

august 1st sumptous repast
previous friday's sparkling - nice combination

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