Wednesday, July 20, 2005

6 down - 42 to go

A bit too exhausted to put together the latest in my continuing 48 month series, so this is an edited version partly from the subsequent nights when I was a bit more coherent.

Actually a bit surprising how much momentum Bush lost this spring & how little he's regained it during the summer: Bolton's still not approved & Social Security's still dead in the water. Presently the attention's all on the Supreme Court nomination, which of course sucks out that much more legislative oxygen, which makes any of the reforms proposed that less likely.

Folks mention that a Supreme Court nominee is part of Bush's legacy, so for Roberts I'll guess that he will be another centrist as O'Connor & Kennedy are often called. Like Reason, I didn't care for his voting for the administration on the Gitmo detainees case, but the Supreme Court essentially gave a medium rebuke to the administration in the flurry of court cases, with the result being that a few more detainees including Hamdi were released, but as of today ~500 remain & only a few are being charged. Believe the bottom line if Roberts had been on the bench, would have been roughly the same including the chickenshit decision on Padilla.

Updating my metrics to judge Bush:

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