Wednesday, February 23, 2005

1 month down - 47 to go

Well that 1st month wasn't that bad was it? The tort reform passed was no hot button for me and would guess that passing some privatized Social Security will be the key battle of Bush's 2nd term - tax reform won't happen.

Thought I'd keep a running odds update of my wagers for the end of Bush's presidency.

Also have a wager that Mark Warner instead of Hillary will win the Dem nomination. Feeling less safe on that one as Hillary is clearly the front runner today, though I've certainly seen Dem front runners destruct far easier than first imagined - Muskie & Dean coming to mind.

I have toyed with finding an on-line wager on political events. Have not lost a political wager, but the stakes have all been quite small. Would think that catching OBL would be a popular wager, but would not imagine the other two being listed.

For my standards to judge Bush's 2nd term:

At 1000:1 I'll put $10 down (in addition to the Rusty Nails) on the Osama capture. Care to revise the odds before the wager?
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