Tuesday, May 08, 2012

More Books on Tape

Finished Fountainhead awhile back & had meant to complete my review.  Obviously Roark's decision to help Peter was a plot contrivance, just so he'd blow up the building & be able to deliver his (Rand's) speech.  Howard was too smart not to realize that a government project would be subject to the whims of various bureaucrats.  Fountainhead is the type of novel that books-on-CD was invented for.  Once Gail began a self-justifying speech, the next track button on the steering wheel justified its invention.

Slaughterhouse Five.  Another novel I hadn't read since high school.  What struck me first was how short the novel itself is.  A book can be printed with lots



so seem to be longer, but that's not possible with audiobooks.  Here, the book only took 5 CD's and that includes the author's intro, which took almost the entire first CD.  The final CD ends with an interview/dialogue on the penultimate track (must have been from 2003 since Kurt mentions the director of Slaughterhouse Five having died recently); the final track shows what creativity can be done with audiobooks - Kurt read the famous section about a war film being seen in reverse (believe that a scene from Gravity's Rainbow was an implicit criticism of that scene - nice thought, but every bomb destroys that fantasy) with overlaid club music.  Overall enjoyed the book, but must consider it a novella masquerading as a novel (same with To Kill a Mockingbird).

Call of the Wild - clearly a novella.  Only lasts for 3 CD's, and the first bit is a brief bio of London.  This book clearly showed the vagueries of memory.  The only scene that i recalled from the entire book was Buck's fight with the other dog for dominance - Buck's successful attack is to fake for the shoulder and bite the front legs to break the bones.  Otherwise, it was truly contrived to have that owner give him up & the final owner die from an Indian attack, just so Buck can have no human ties & answer The Call of the Wild.

Ulysses - last chapter only.  Best taken in small doses - perhaps while reading along with the book.

Now if my queue position for Jobs would only increment a bit quicker from its current 122, I'd have another book to blog about.

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