Monday, October 22, 2007

33 down - 15 to go

Predictions for the rest of Bush's term:
  1. We will not go to war with Iran.
  2. FY 2007's deficit will be the lowest for many years to come (% GDP).
  3. The Dems will continue to fund Iraq with minimal strings attached.
  4. FISA will be extended with minimal modifications when the 6 months runs out.
  5. Gitmo will not complete a single trial, but some more plea bargains/arrangements will be worked out with some of the prisoners.
  6. Latest AG nominee will be approved.

Guess that covers the biggies.

For the 2008 election, the choice is vote GOP to keep 100,000 troops in Iraq vs. vote Dem to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq. The evil of two lessors.

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