Sunday, August 05, 2007

a blogging reply to Byron York's blogging head

Just watched Byron York's discussion on Iraq with Daniel Drezner, in which Byron implies that the left wants the US to lose in Iraq out of anger with Bush and ignors America's national interests. Not sure if conservatives, such as York really believe this (in York's case I believe he does) or just parroting GOP talking points, but it is a false accusation. We on the left want us out of Iraq because staying is not in our nation's best interest - in the interest of honesty, smearing Bush as one of the great presidential failures in history isn't absent from his opponents hearts & minds.

Byron's other statement that struck me concerned how he would base his future support for our occupation of Iraq David Petraeus's September testimony. I do not need Salvor Hardin to distill the essence of Petraeus's testimony "We have made progress, but there are still tough times ahead." Additionally, you do not need to be clairvoyant to know Byron's reaction will be "There are tough times ahead, but we have made progress so I will continue to support our occupation of Iraq." While I expect Petraeus's testimony to provide the political cover to continue funding through Bush's term in office, no Op-Ed no pundit no testimony will alter our failure in Iraq, merely protract it.

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