Tuesday, August 21, 2007

31 down - 17 to go

Well Bush showed that for GWOT issues, he can still get his way by playing the fear card. Both the FISA extension & the renewed funding prove that Bush can continue our occupation of Iraq throughout his term. Come September, there's no way the GOP will jump ship and the Dems have proven that they lack both a coherent strategy and the spine to actually pull the plug on funding.

Domestically Bush lacks the clout and the political capital to pass any laws or make any substantive changes for the remainder of his term.

There's periodic saber rattling concerning Iran, but neither Congress nor Britain is going to provide any support or cover for an attack on Iran so I'm sanguine that we will not be attacked another nation while Bush is in office.

Given how front loaded the nomination process is now - seemingly weekly debates by one party or the other - Bush's lame duck status beyond Iraq and domestic spying seems to stretch for eons.

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