Monday, May 28, 2007

Saturday Night Wine Blogging - thank you dinner edition

A long belated thank you dinner to repay friends/family for helping us move in last summer.

I'm a huge fan of lasagna & pesto, so pesto lasagna of course is one of my absolute favourites.

One of the ginger haired yanks old customers brought a superb bottle of Takler Regnun Reserve 2003. To quote from the Wine Exchange,

"Gorgeous texture and that dark chocolate/coffee/black fruit core that ...comes off as...immediately engaging. The blend here is actually 37.5% each Franc and Merlot, along with 15% Cabernet and the appropriate dollop of 10%'s hard to really explain this wine without sounding like we're overselling, but it's really that and..certainly offers an exciting option at the premium end."

they were not over selling.

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