Thursday, April 26, 2007

Repeated dreams

There are two dreams that i've had for years. The oldest is facing some danger - the monster never on screen - and i decide to leave. Not a panic escape, but more a "I have time to just avoid the calamity by strolling away", but when i try to leave my legs don't work. Not paralyzed, but the lead in the veins feeling i have sometimes. That dream has been with me for decades now and the danger has never arrived.

The other dream has been with me only for years. I'm in an airport missing a flight or a connection. This dream repeated a few weeks ago. Though we were just making connecting flights, we still had to pass security. Steve & I had made it through, but he was annoyed with waiting, so went on to the gate. For whatever reason, big_Al had my boarding pass and as i waited impatiently he never made it. Angrily i asked Joe where was Al; Joe told me that Al went to work out in the gym in the airport, but before i could be truly furious, with a smile he handed me the boarding pass that Al had left for him that was resting in the wooden box yoga studios have to hold your shoes while in class. We rushed to the gate where the boarding ramp was only 10 feet long & the plane was backing away. When the attendants saw us, they halted the plane and the dream ended. Once again the flight never leaves with me on

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