Friday, April 20, 2007

27 down -21 to go

I've been surprised that the firing of the US Attorneys is still a news item over a month later - 1 more slow bleed item for this administration. The additional quasi-scandal of Paul Wolfowitz and there's absolutely no positive news for Bush and his administration.

For Iraq, what's stood out for years is the lack of metrics and even the knowledge of what a metric is - starting with Myers as Head of Joint Chief of Staff. With the "surge" no S.M.A.R.T. goals were communicated to the american public. Not sure if this is just standard incompetence "we have no idea of what we're doing, so we'll just hope" of if they know that it's hopeless and Bush truly is just trying to make sure that we do not retreat while he's president. My standard metric is US dead - as long as we're losing 80 soldiers per month, the surge is not working. Leon Panetta, a member of the Iraq Study, reviews the political goals (filtered link through Obsidian Wings) and of course they are wanting. Whether this means that the Dems will succeed in withdrawing from Iraq is still questionable.

No real interest in updating wagers or the other metrics; at this point, it's almost painful watching the Bush administration limp to the end of its existence, and I don't envy whoever takes office next given the hyper partisan atmosphere in Washington today.

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