Wednesday, January 31, 2007

music, find the answer in quantity, not in price

Once, a long time ago I used to buy a cd from time to time until I stumbled upon the site Allofmp3. A great site for getting to download your cd's legally and for a reasonable price (around $ 2.50 per cd). The effect of this great pricing is that I started downloading a lot more music and that I spent a lot more money on these downloads than in the old time on original cd's. Now, the music industry is putting pressure on Putin (yes, it is a russian site) to close this site. Once again, the music industry still does not get it. They cannot get it in their heads that the price they are asking for a regular cd or an itune number is much to high resulting in people, not buying or downloading (or only illegal). Look at myself as an example (and I cannot believe that I am the only one) and just lower the price dramatically. They will find that the hurdle of buying will get so low that a lot more will be spend.

The music industry is so fraught with problems that this is a minor one - but the thought is good. Remember, though, that money really isn't made off the sales of CDs - the margins are thin. The REAL money is made off merchandising. If the industry was smart, they'd lower the price of CDs to get people interested in a band/artist, then make it easier for people to actually shell out lots of money to see these people and buy their T-shirts.

Of course, that assumes that the other issues the industry has (like an assumption of artist's rights) would allow this to happen. This is a dirty, dirty business and why I, for one, stayed on the sidelines - I didn't want to get any more of that on me that I already had.
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