Sunday, September 17, 2006

Starting to read the Katrina books

Mom sent the Brinkley & Horne tomes, but some desperate for literature fellow ripped off both books returning only the packaging to the mailing place. Fortunately an associate at work lent me Deluge & long suffering sister (lss) gave me Storm.

Ivor van Heerden is not a professional writer and it shows. Book seemed to bounce all over the place, and the last chapter (proposed solutions) was clearly the best. Had never thought of a flood gate over the Rigolets to protect the city or surge gates across Mr. Go to protect the other parishes. Most or all of his suggestions are good ideas i'm sure, but doubt that many of them will be implemented. His main villain is the Army Corps of Engineers, though he also bashes Billy Tauzin (undoubtedly deservedly so). Personal recommendation is to read the proposed solutions chapter (might have been penultimate instead of final) and skip the rest.

I'm enjoying The Great Deluge more than I thought. Obviously compiled in a hurry (he mistakenly states that the St. Bernard Projects are in the 9th Ward - miles off - and then a few pages later correctly states that it lies in the 7th Ward. Only 3 chapters into the book, but main villain is Nagin.

The Horne book is available at the library now, but will be interesting to compare the two of them. Guess I'll read a total of 4 (disaster will be the last one) and provide reviews of all.

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