Wednesday, September 20, 2006

20 down - 28 to go

Now most of the attention if focused on the upcoming elections. The blogging Caesar has the Dems picking up 2 Senate & 11 House seats (+ Sanders & Lieberman), while a left wing prognostication site has the Dems picking up 5 seats for a total of 48 seats (+ Sanders & Lieberman). Tradesports has the GOP controlling the Senate by a healthy margin & the House by a slight margin 52-48.

I'm sticking with the Dems ending up with 48 seats (RI, PA, MN & Ohio) + Sanders in the Senate and adding a dozen seats in the house, and Lieberman losing in another tight race to Lamont.

No point in updating trade metric anymore and I'll wait until the fiscal year estimates start coming in, probably late October, to update our deficit prediction.

For Iraq, the US death toll for September will once again top 60, but our troops will remain until the next president. My prediction today would be that we'd pull our troops back to just Kurdistan within the next 5 years.

Well my Warner wager is looking a bit better again. I'll be curious what hints Hillary gives post-election of her plans.

All other wagers look very solid, especially my troop levels in Iraq prognostication.

At times like this, I do wish that I could just hit fast forward to election night, but life/time doesn't work that way. Well, one more monthly update before the Congressional elections.

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