Saturday, May 27, 2006

What will the next candidates propose for Iraq?

There really are only two options: stay-the-course or cut-and-run. All else is window dressing. Of course no politician would utter the words peace with honor...Peace in our time or Declare victory and go home, but what other choices do you actually have. So will any of the major candidates promise a timeline? Obviously not Hillary or McCain, but given the latest scandal in the making, I have to believe that at least 1 major candidate will propose that we cut-and-walk-fast from Iraq on the campaign trail.

Last time, only Kucinich proposed a withdrawal from Iraq, and he never scored above 10% of the Dem vote in a primary. Even Dean, whose criticism propelled him to faux front runner status, never proposed an exit strategy. So given that none of the GOP candidates will propose anything besides stay the course, I'll make my predictions for probably Dem candidates:

Any cut-and-run cadidate gets my vote; any stay-the-course Dem has me voting 3rd (or is that 4th?) party again.

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