Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Night Pelligrino & Schubert blogging

Initial opinion - Unfinished Symphony is far superior to "The Great" symphony. Not sure why Schubert finished his 9th, but not his 8th symphony, so I'll turn to Wikipedia "In 1838 Robert Schumann, on a visit to Vienna, found the dusty manuscript of the C major symphony (the "Great", D.944) and took it back to Leipzig, where it was performed by Felix Mendelssohn and celebrated in the Neue Zeitschrift. There continues to be some controversy over the numbering of this symphony, with German-speaking scholars numbering it as symphony No. 7, the revised Deutsch catalogue (the standard catalogue of Schubert's works, compiled by Otto Erich Deutsch) listing it as No. 8, and English-speaking scholars listing it as No. 9." Well I guess that answers that question.

Pretty impressive that Schubert could produce both the Unfinished symphony & Death & the Maiden in 31 short years - obviously a superior talent & who knows what he could have produced if penicillin had been in existence back in the early 1800's.

The 8th is far and away my favorite piece from Schubert. I think the "The Great" #9 is based on its length more than its quality.
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