Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today's comic books - superior to what i grew up with

still very impressed at the breadth of knowledge of myths in today's comics. In this month's Lucifer, a comic relief character goes to a spin-off of hell & finds a raiju & Ama-No-Hashidate & Chalmecacivati & Al-Sirat (says it was used in Dune, but sure don't remember it) & shikome & Phlegethon & Mount Meru & valhalla ("probably full of macho shit-heads") & remiel (the bad guy every time he shows up in Lucifer) woven into a pretty entertaining story line.

Just read that Lucifer ends in two issues. Truly sad that both Books of Magic has ended recently & Lucifer will end & Strangers in Paradise only has another 14 months to run. In another year, I'll only be left with Fables & the highly irregular Stray Bullets. Damn this sucks - Vertigo really needs to come up with some fresh titles!

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