Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Evening Classical Music blogging

Not sure if blogspot allows me to link MP3 clips, so this posting will be text only. All 13 classical CD's have now arrived, but i'm pacing myself still. Just decided to open the last 5 - 1 per week for Friday night dinner.

Opinions so far?

Would consider Chopin Piano Concerto #1 to be a wasted purchase, in part because the Barcarolle, Berceuse, and Fantasy on the disc are duplicated on the Impromptus CD, but also because Chopin's orchestral work is simply unimaginative filler. Frankly, neither piano concerto is really worth having - Chopin wrote great piano music (consider his ballade #2 & funeral march to be perhaps the greatest piano compositions of all time), but did not invest his creativity in his orchestral backing. I've noticed that I continue to put on the Impromptus CD & skip past the 3 impromtus. Ultimately the only judgment of a piece of music is how often you'll return for repeated listens.

Bach's Art of the Fugue is superior to his variations on a theme by Frederick the Great - ironically I made this purchase for the Musical Offering, not the art of the fugue, but there's little doubt which is the more impressive composition.

Partly out of curiosity I purchased Bruckner's 7th symphony (called his most beloved), but have been disappointed. Keep thinking that i've heard it before, but believe that it's largely a derivative piece of music with no outstanding movement such as the 2nd movement of the 9th or 3rd movement of Ludwig Van's masterful 7th symphony. Actually reviewing my collection, I have very few symphonies, perhaps I'm just spoiled my Beethoven's best works - Motzart's symphonies (and Haydn's) are puff-balls by comparison.

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