Friday, March 03, 2006

Spending $150 on CD's

I would know what to buy. When scanning the 20 gig on my ipod the following CD's are the ones I keep returning to and would really like to own.

Film Music:
Music from the OC
Great compilations, the show is fun to watch too. The script writers must really have fun. Must be an ideal job.

Ali Farka Toure
All albums, One of the best out of Africa and probably best in Mali

Babyshambles: Down in Albion
That bass line. Beautiful

M.I.A.: Arular
shrilankan, British pop; unbelievable good pop music.

Zoe: exile African
You cannot get more bubbly music than Zoe. Just listen to my favorite number: Afro Cut

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's: fever to tell
Punk, Garage at its best. Gets your adrenaline level up.

Souad Massi: Deb
Moroccan music, excellent. First time I heard this I suddenly recognized a melody (my Moroccan is pretty bad) and suddenly I remembered the song: They play a cover of Bow, Wow, Wow (obscure '80's band with lyrics like: Go wild wild wild, Go wild in the country, where snakes in the grass are absolutely free (even after 25 years I have not gotten that tune out of my head)) Unbelievable.

Bright Eyes
Over here the press it telling us that this is IT in the US. So the next remarks may all be superfluous. Great music. It has to grow on you but than a whole world opens up for you.

Missy Elliott
All albums, this woman is a genius. The Frank Zappa of Rap (or whatever you call it)

Gillian Welch
The Arvo Part of Folk music. Beautiful music. Great when you feel like curling up in fetus posture in a corner of the room. And for snow covered Sunday mornings.

Talk about 'lamenting female singers". She redefines the genre. Existential Topless Bar Music (Simone de Beauvoir would love it). Great for in your car on a Friday Evening when you are feeling really lousy. Who else could write a number like "fxxk the pain away". Not all numbers are up to par, but the best numbers are pure genius.

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