Thursday, March 09, 2006

$150 worth of music starting to trickle in

Chopin's Piano Concerto #1 & his impromptus showed up today. A bit ticked off, or possibly pissed at myself for not looking closer. Roughly 1/3 of the CD's overlap - fantaise (Op. 49, Barcarolle, and Berceuse. Damn. Hate it when the same music is repackaged. Made the same mistake on a couple of Thelonious Monk CD's w/John Coltrane.

On the positive side, I'm enjoying the Concerto more than #2 and the Impromptus seem to be good reading music as Luigi stated. Generally I don't like background music of any kind, but have realized that much of my classical collection is not suited for reading.

I guess you could listen to Shostakovich's string quartets with their pervasive sense of foreboding and paranoia, while reading A Problem From Hell: America and the age of Genocide, but if you're not learning more about the killing fields and Armenian massacre and ethnic cleansing, then neither Shostakovich nor Bartok is really decent reading music.

Look on the bright side Veggie: Where you have two versions of something, then you can compare the artists and their interpretations and begin to form an informed opinion of who best suites your tastes.
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