Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Leavin' on a jet plane - I know when I'll be back again

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow. Thoroughly looking forward to visiting Die Kola Kocht while viewing the "Girl with a Pewter Earring" while strolling around the Hague. Also will be curious of the political tenor. This is our first trip to Europe since September 11th - our first trip since the invasion of Iraq. Will we experience passive anti-Americanism in Paris? Curious and a trifle anxious.

Been to Europe a few times since 9/11, and will say that Paris was quite happy to see the 'Mericans bring their money back - probably didn't hurt that I can speak French, but they knew I was American because my pronounciation is so horribly out of practice. Other places were fine as well, although a discussion of politics almost always comes up. Once they finf out that I think Bush is an idiot too, we get along famously. You should have no troubles at all.
happy new year's, dear!
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