Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Wendy: a remarkable movie

The movie starts as a coming of age movie with increasing surreal aspects and ends in an apotheoses of violence, reminding me of a Sam Peckinpah western. The movie uses almost all movie cliches, hussles everything together and enlarges every detail (the action takes place largely around a small square although the actors pretend it to be very big and the reason for doing things are very small, however the actors pretend their actions to be of extreme importance).
Amazing absurd story, great action and extremely well done. At the titles at the end I found out that Lars von Trier wrote the story after which a lot of things fell into place.
The movie quality is very much US, however the use of all these cliches is very much how a European director looks at the US (see also Wim Wenders etc).

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