Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stop dissin' my Alma Mater

After all the harangues of elitism that i've heard or read or watched from conservatives, after all the put downs of the Ivy League, what chutzpah to be putting down SMU, and implying that Miers isn't fit for SCOTUS because she earned her J.D. from my alma mater.

Just out of curiosity, decided to go through the vitaes of the rest of the court:

Roberts: Harvard; Harvard
Breyer: Stanford & Oxford; Harvard
Ginsburg: Cornell; Columbia
Thomas: College of the Holy Cross; Yale
Souter: Harvard & Oxford; Harvard
Kennedy: Stanford & London; Harvard
Scalia: Georgetown; Harvard
O'Connor: Stanford; Stanford
Stevens: Chicago; Northwestern

Hmmm, 5 from Harvard and 7 from the Ivy League. Guess elitism still rules on the Supreme Court.

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