Thursday, October 13, 2005

Losing interest in the blogosphere

Probably just a sign of the cooled off political climate, but notice that I spend far less time in the blogosphere & have blogged very little myself. Makes sense given that pre-election I was reading 8 a day & have backed way off from there.

Am happily surprised how much the political climate has cooled off since the passions of last fall. Too much noise - too much steam that has now slowly seeped out of the system.

Like all liberals, I'm thoroughly enjoying the implosion of the GOP. I guess Miers nomination must fall in the tipping point category. Now conservatives are accusing Bush of cronyism, while it used to be liberals & the mythical MSM who used to use the term "crony capitalism". Good to see that mainstream USA wants good government not Brownies - no one could argue that he had any business having a position of any responsibility.

Also believe that most Americans don't want the rancor of the election season, do understand that we are all Americans and wanting to succeed from 51% of the nation or wishing that 48% would love the country. Don't care so much about the culture wars or accusation of liberal bias - they just want a healthy country, with a robust economy, and soldiers not dying overseas for some nebulous aims.

Well no Friday Night Wine Blogging tomorrow night, since I'll be rooting on the Angels, but will return to posting after riding the Palm Springs tram.

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