Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hanging out with the name bloggers

I went to a Kevin Drum get-together today. He instigated a gathering at the Farmer's Market, where I introduced him to the Ginger Haired Yank who just earned her degree at UCI - Drum lives in Irvine, so good conversation starter. Think he spent more time talking about her education than any other topic (we probably chatted for 5 minutes). The items that surprised me were (1) not that many of the attendees were bloggers - at our table of 6, i was the only one (2) not too much political discussion - i thought more folks would be strident liberals, but conversation floated around discussing Katrina, the rapture & a request for reasonable right wing blogs {i suggested balloon juice and Belgravia Dispatch - who's most recent posting on the 15th is coincidentally in reply to a recent Kevin Drum posting}. (3) Political Animal was Very low key - sharp contrast to Arianne Huffington who showed up for a bit with her star power.

Curious how compares. Heard that it garners 200 folks sometimes, so may have check it out - elite bloggers or not.

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