Sunday, September 18, 2005

Finally read Air Raid

Varley has a pretty entertaining into about his Hollywood experiences - the film was in development for about a decade. Varley thought millennium was a rotten movie: i disagree, it was a good bad movie ranking below Cyborg 2 (jolie's 1st flic) but somewhere around toxic avenger. In hindsight, he regretted not killing the film after it went through something like 5 directors, but his experience in Toronto does sound neat: the airplane crash site was so convincing, pilots in real airplanes were calling in a crash site.

Now having read the short story, novel & seen the movie, i'd rank them short story then movie then novel in that order. air raid leaves you wanting more, while millennium leaves you scratching your head especially since the last chapter was written by God as he sends humans 100 million years into the future (short story has them shipped off to Alpha-Centori). Oh, the movie should have had Cheryl Ladd having sex with her android, who was more androgynous & less aware in the novel.

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