Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Experiencing technical difficulties

No home internet access for past couple of days. Either the cable modem or the ISP and the ISP won't send a repairman until Thursday. Very frustrating right now given that 504 cell phones are marginally working, so family communicating via Email that I can't access.

Also no blogging at home - wanted to give my thoughts a week later on Katrina disaster - so this is my first time to blog at work.

Fuller thoughts will have to wait until home access, but the short version? Worst government response to a disaster in my lifetime. Near complete failure at the city, parish, state, and federal level. This is a clear sign that if another major terrorist attack occurs, the government is completely unprepared for the aftermath.

Update: Turned out to be the cable modem dying after 4-5 years of usage.

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