Thursday, September 08, 2005

The dilation of time

It seemed eons between when Katrina hit New Orleans and when I finally reached my mother even though it was only 3½ days. Now it seems like weeks since the military finally arrived in N.O. to bring order when it was just 6 days ago. The post-mortem accusations are on their way, and the breadth and depth of incompetence are amazing at the parish, city, state & Federal level. For the levees themselves, the parish & city must take the lion's share of the blame, but post-Katrina, the mayor and governor and Army Corps of Engineers and Orleans Parish Levee Board and FEMA and Department of Homeland Security all failed the city.

My anger at Nagin, Blanco, Brown & Chertoff finally dissipated from the fury I felt last Friday while driving to work - how can you not get food & water to survivors at the Superdome & Convention Center for 4 days?!?

Can only hope that Bush does fire Brown, who should do the honorable thing and fall on his sword stating that "I have neither the aptitude nor the competence to hold this job. Please give it to James Lee Witt, or any other individual who has proven hiscompetencee."

Can only hope that Louisiana fires Blanco in 2 years - who knows maybe Edwards would can run for a fifth term in office from the prison in Oakdale.

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