Tuesday, September 27, 2005

De Tweeling and the Roder Market

Yes, the book is even better (as it often is) I have heard. It sold huge in the Netherlands. Have not got a clue why it takes so long to get nominated. A reason could be that it first has to become a hit in the home country, before the Oscar people have a look at it.
This week it is Roder Market week. Annually Horse market in my village. A week of drinking a lof of beer and the famous Horse Market. Every year I am astonished at the rituals of horse selling. Do not know if it is common in the US but over here, if you are a horse seller (or buyer) you wear wooden shoes, a wooden walking stick and preferably smoke a cigar. When buying a horse buyer and seller clap each other hands for every individual bid, a process that can take quite a while as the buyer or seller walk away often in mock disgust of the low/high bid of the other and mock reconcile after a few minutes. Everything goes in their local dialect. Every year I get the feeling I am from another planet when walking around. Maybe something to share on your next visit??

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