Thursday, September 29, 2005

Actually enjoying Collapse

Had put the book aside maybe a month ago after reading the bad second chapter - 50 pages on how Montana folks are having a hard time adjusting to the modern age of Charles Schwab buying up a bunch of land to create a gated community of McMansions for Über-rich folks wanting a pied-à-terre in Montana. Who cares? What does that have to do with the theme of why pre-historic civilization collapsed? Since I didn't care for Guns, Germs & Steel that made me that much more wary of starting the book again, but the tome did not disappirate & I'd finished with my library books, and siblings wanted to read it after I finished, so what choice did I have.

The third chapter - possibly the highlight - deals with Easter Island. It is amazing how intelligent folks can have a set idea & ignore all evidence that contradicts their theory. The examples given being Thor Heyerdahl & von DÃniken who mistakenly thought that the Easter Island settlers from the Americas or outer space.

Will be curious if subsequent chapters continue to hold my interest.

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