Monday, August 01, 2005

What if Kennedy had lived

Watching JFK tonight (the Ginger Haired Yank's choice) and thoroughly disliking it. Having grown up with Garrison's gallivanting off into Kennedy assassination conspiracies when he had a job to do gives me little sympathy or belief in Garrison's quixotic quest - have always believed Clay Shaw to be an innocent man who had his career destroyed by Garrison.

So my speculation on how history would have unfolded:

In the end it comes down to whether the cost of not passing the 14th & 15th amendments into law a second time are balanced by an early withdrawal from Vietnam and the avoidance of expensive government obligations that should never have been undertaken. Considering how costly the Vietnam War was to our nation and how the momentum in our nation was clearly against segregation, I believe that our nation's history would have turned out for the better had Kennedy lived.

Final note - believe Oswald acted alone & view Assassins to be Stephen Sondheim's masterpiece.

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