Monday, August 29, 2005

Remembrance of Hurricanes past

Since Hilda and Betsy were just one year apart, my memory of them blends together, but have fond memories of being huddled in mom's bedroom watching Nash Roberts until the power went out - we must have used a radio afterwards. My recollection post-Betsy is that we lost water for 2-3 days & electricity for 1 week. Something like ΒΌ of the roof shingles were blown off & a house around the corner had the roof/walls of an extended room torn off, but the bed was still just sitting in the room.

Several days later, we visited friends on the west bank & an underpass was still full of water & being used by the residents of Fisher projects were using it as a swimming pool.

Today looking at the images of New Orleans French Quarter on the cable news (pretty amazing that newsmen are so dedicated that they stay in New Orleans throughout the hurricane), it seems that the city has once again dodged a bullet. Hopefully family will be able to return this coming weekend and houses not too damaged.

Well my brother named his first born after Camille, so maybe some other soul will do the same with Katrina (kudos once again to Wikipedia - will have to contribute - for being so au courante even kindly providing a link to WDSU).

i live along the hurricane belt and devastation like this isn't new to me. however, it is always a sad sight--especially with all the lives and homes that have been lost.
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