Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Well the elite bloggers (Atrios, Drezner & Drum) have recommended remaining anonymous as long as possible, so decided to change this blog's URL. Drezner & Drum both mentioned possible damage to a career or even dismissal. While I have no worries on that account, still thought it was a prudent thing to do & having a URL that's sortof your name certainly isn't as cool as "northern-way" blogspot and certainly doesn't lend itself to groupblogging.

A bit miffed that the preferred URL "mijmeren" was taken by a blogspotter for 1 entry back in January - damn squatter! Here's hoping that future postings will be worthy of being considered "philosophical musings".

i don't think my URL is as cool as it should be. i wanted transience but apparently, other people know what it means, lol! love the new place. and your prudence is commendable.

not me, though. i blog at work.
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