Saturday, August 13, 2005

Live hard, die young, live a memorable corpse

Enjoyable movie, despite the eulogies to Che in the special features section. One more case of a reputation being helped out by dying young: if Che had survived, he'd probably be viewed as a decrepit relic as Castro presently is.

Perhaps it's unanswerable how a medical student with a social conscience turns into:

Guevara took responsibility for the execution of informers, insubordinates, deserters and spies in the revolutionary army. He personally executed Eutimio Guerra, a suspected Batista informant, with a single shot from his .32(7.65mm) caliber pistol.


Poet and human rights activist Armando Valladares, who was imprisoned at La Cabana, documented Guevara's particular and personal interest in the interrogation, torture, and execution of prisoners.

As a (romantic) icon, Che is more ubiquitous than Castro in Cuba now (per my sister who just returned from a Cuba visit), but if you look back at his accomplishments: he helped a charismatic thug take control of Cuba, mucked around in the Congo accurately recognizing Kabila to be more gold smuggler than revolutionary, and finally died in some half-assed overthrow effort in Bolivia, there's little positive that he accomplished.

By contrast, Alberto Granada is the founder of the Santiago School of Medicine in Cuba so was inspired by his continental trip & leper colony assistance to try to provide improved medical support to the masses, and thus is the true hero of the tale.

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