Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clean up of old links

Turned out to be a bit easier than I thought. Since only overvloedige-hersenspinsels had to be inserted instead of a variant of my name, it was pretty easy to go into edit mode, then click on specific links & then just replace the one portion of the link. Believe that I caught most of them, but there are a few that I can now think of that I need to go back & fix, but all the links from my X down - (48-X) to go series on Bush are good.

This does mean that my one link from an elite blogger is no longer valid, but can't see writing Ted Barlow to go back & make the update for me. Guess there must be some moral to the story like "read the advice of elite bloggers before starting to blog yourself."

Update: fixed all that I could think of & ready to watch Grumpy Old Men with the Ginger Haired Yank - don't hear her laughing at all from the other room.

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