Sunday, August 14, 2005

Biographic movies

I have watched 3 biographic movies in a timespan of about two weeks. Alexander, Modigliani and De-lovely (Cole Porter). All three movies make you want to know more about the main characters and all three movies are less than perfect. A life story is probably different from a written story. One way or the other too much or too little has to be crammed into these kind of movies. De-lovely comes out the best because it uses so much cinematic trickeries that it becomes more of a cinematic poem than a movie. Than again all of them are more than watchable. Although there are some ridiculous details like Angelina Jolie with a Russian accent as mother of Collin Farrell (complete with Irish accent). My personal favorite is modigliani, partly of the actors of which Collin Farrell and Kevin Kline are always a bit annoying and Andy Garcia just is Modigliani, partly of the characters. Modigliani is the one character with whom I can identify least and therefore intrigues me most.

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