Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still no Harry Potter

The book hasn't come in yet - shutterbug friend at worked flaked out forgetting his copy at home - while the CD's arrived at the library but not the book. Ginger Haired Yank won't let me start listening yet, so borrowed Rise of the Vulcans because I just can't force myself to start reading Collapse. Finally gave up on See Under: Love. Guess the flog myself through books approach just isn't worth it, though will give both Don Quixote & Proust one more attempt.

In Vulcans so far, it's interesting to read about cabinet officials before they become famous. Have no recollection of Rumsfeld in either the Nixon or Ford White. Recall Powell as Joint Chief of Staff, but no memory of Cheney as Secretary of Defence during the first Gulf War. Funny how some folks will be in administrations, but never come to public prominence until some odd confluence of events thrusts them to the forefront. Or will be far less hawkish in previous positions, e.g. Cap Weinberger pushing for Title IX under Nixon, or here Rumsfeld pusing for peace in Vietnam.

Of the 6 vulcans covered - Powell, Armitage and Wolfowitz are all out of the executive branch, while Cheney & Rumsfeld have far far lower profiles in Bush's 2nd term than his first, and only Rice in her higher profile position as Secretary of State maintains the public eye so is this the Decline of the Vulcans?

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