Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Learning HTML

Well my expected trashy auto-biography didn't show up, so had no option but to take Dave's interactive HTML tutorial recommended by Rick. A bunch of blather to start off - actually gobs of ads all the way through but TNSTAAFL as they say - but after a few pages of site recommendation, the meat of the matter:

< b > for bold
< i >for italicized
< font size=+2 > for Large font
< font size=-2 > for Small font
< p > is the opening tag for a paragraph
< u > for underline
< a href="" >for links
< ul > to create a bullet list
< ol > to create a numbered list

Ok, that was taxing, but I may even bookmark my own page for next time I need some quick tricks for leaving comments. Will start with colours tomorrow night & keep concatenating to this posting.

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