Thursday, July 28, 2005

Harry Potter spoiler alert

Well Jane's guess on who died was correct.

What is amazing is the dedication of the Harry Potter fans not to spoil it for others. How many people must have read the 6th book by now? 10 million? 20 million? Despite that I haven't heard 1 leak of who dies on any blog or article in the newspaper.

Will say that the book is a bit weaker than the past 2 structurally - no Dolores Umbridge & no Tri-wizard tournament to keep the excitement level high. I am wondering if Rowling's decision to keep writing after book 7 had an effect on this book - seems like too many twists and new mysteries were added to have the series end next book, so perhaps if next book was really going to be the last, it would not have been so leisurely paced.

interesting. i can survive flipping to the last pages of a new book. i adore working backwards. but that's just me.
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