Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Amazing the memories reunions force to the surface

Pulled out old yearbook to re-read friendly messages from 30+ years ago. Some funny now - "I don't think we'll see each other in the future" from a fellow who just invited me to his yearly Thoth party. Others have me searching my memory banks - hmmm, she wrote a nice note in my yearbook, so we must have been somewhat friendly, but have 0 recollection of her. A bit bummed that I had stored my yearbooks in a box in the garage which leaked, so freshman year largely-destroyed.

One sad recollection. One friend was killed shortly after college. Wonder if he would have shown up - many non-school spirited types did including a few surprises. Would have been nice to show him that I turned out o.k. Such a waste to think of a 23 year old killed, by a driver running a stop sign in the morning, while bike riding to a job at the Mushroom. Had to rummage through the yearbooks for his photo since he never had individual portraits taken - finally found 3 group photos in our junior year.

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