Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Bush lost momentum

Bush's lost momentum is the dominant meme now, but have not read that a full discussion of why, so this member of the ace-bandage brigade will fill that hole.

  1. Low hanging legislative fruit gone
  2. Misreading of mandate
  3. Unintended consequences of the 51% campaign approach
  4. Misreading the Democrats response to Daschle's defeat
  5. Unintended consequences of the redistricting in Texas
  6. Unintended consequences of GOP cutting Dems out of legislative writing & committee discussions.
  7. Iraq not going well
  8. Push for more power to executive vs. Legislative branch

Happy to see that running roughshod over folks has had its costs.

Happy to see the Dems not being cowed & finally showing some backbone.

Addendum: 1 other issue contributing to lost momentum is the GOP dissipating capital on issues that do not match the popular will. The two most prominent issues are Terri Schiavo intervention & the proposed "nuclear option". Have read several postings from the right on their opposition to the "nuclear option" - my favorite being from - happy there's common ground between us.

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